Let’s start, again, at 60 years old!

Let’s see, a job change at 60? Sure why not?

I was working at the Athens Area School District in the IT department for 8 years. I had a great time, working for and with amazing people every day.

And, because of being involved with the band, the play, sound and lighting for district functions and announcing the Amazing Lady Wildcats soccer games, had formed many amazing friendships with the students.

When the call came in that my dream job (post working for Apple), was mine to take, I freaked. At 60 years old, who in their right mind would make a switch like this, with all the inherent unknowns? Well, the right mind thing is a variable when referring to me!

So I thought that since I am getting an amazing chance to start again, so to say, maybe it would be cool to blog about it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you follow my trip.